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Esthetician Room Ideas and Décor

esthetician room decor ideas

When it comes to designing an esthetician room for your spa or salon, it needs to check a couple of boxes. The room needs to be functional for the esthetician providing services, and it needs to be aesthetically pleasing for the client so they feel comfortable and pampered. This article will help you with selecting a color scheme, furniture, esthetician supplies and much more so you can create the perfect esthetician room for your business.

Choose a Suitable Color Scheme

When a client walks into a treatment room, the color choices are one of the first things they will notice. We recommend choosing colors that give off a calming feeling. Natural, neutral colors like light green, blue, and beige are all great examples. Generally, you should avoid bright colors.

Thoughtfully select a color palette for the room, including accent colors. Try to keep your esthetician rooms in the same theme as the overall interior design of your spa or salon. When you add decor items to your esthetician room, reference your color palette to make sure the overall look stays consistent.

Another aspect to consider is the type of lighting in the room. Natural and artificial lighting can have a different effect on colors, so review everything from paint to artwork in the same lighting you’ll use during client treatments.

small modern esthetician room with neutral color palette, gold accents and elegant decor

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large modern esthetician room in luxury spa with a marble and crystal aesthetic

Our Hydraulic Facial Bed comes with a matching stool

Select the Right Esthetician Room Furniture

When it comes to choosing esthetician room furniture, Minerva Beauty has you covered. There are several essential pieces of furniture you’ll want to include when furnishing an esthetician room:

  • Facial bed - Choose a facial bed that’s adjustable and easy to clean. Spa facial beds come with a variety of features like hydraulic lifts, extra storage, and padded armrests. Prioritize features you’ll use often, and take measurements to make sure the facial bed will fit in your space.
  • Esthetician stool - Clients aren’t the only ones who should be comfortable. Choose an adjustable esthetician stool that allows your estheticians to perform services without sacrificing ergonomics.
  • Esthetician carts - Choosing the right cart partly depends on the types of services you offer. Some esthetician carts provide more storage, while others provide larger work surfaces or additional accessories like a holder for attaching a mag lamp.
  • Cabinetry or Shelving - Adding a corner cabinet or wall-mounted shelf (depending on room size and layout) ensures supplies are within reach so estheticians don’t need to leave the room during a treatment to grab something.
cute and versatile supply cart in a small facial room

Use a supply cart or trolley to keep treatment supplies at hand

Create a Spa-Like Ambiance

By providing a spa-like atmosphere in esthetician rooms, you can help clients relax and maximize their enjoyment of the experience. Start with some simple touches like plants or lifelike greenery, decorative accents, and ambient lighting that enhances the room’s color palette.

An aromatherapy diffuser can aid in relaxation: scents like lavender, neroli, ylang-ylang or jasmine are known to promote calm.

Choose soft blankets and robes for your clients. Since table linens and other fabrics touch the client’s skin, you don’t want to go the cheap route for them. By providing soft linens, the customer will remember the relaxing experience.

Finally, choose some tranquil background music that isn’t too high tempo to help create the vibe you’re going for. Have a variety of on-brand playlists available so estheticians can easily change the music if the client requests it, and make sure they’re ad-free.

rustic esthetician room with reclaimed wood furniture, natural light and southwest decor

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modern esthetician room with minimalist aesthetic, cool color scheme and aromatherapy

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Maximize Space & Storage

The layout of an esthetician room isn’t something you should throw together last minute. Put together a room layout with ample storage and enough space for estheticians to comfortably and efficiently move around the facial bed and access the supplies they need.

Take advantage of organizational tools such as labeled bins and trays so everything has a proper place. This will help you keep the room organized on even the busiest days. Proper organization not only helps appointments go more smoothly, it makes inventory and stock management easier.

Finally, make sure you have a proper sanitation area in the room. A clean and well-organized esthetician room not only improves the quality of the treatment experience, it’s one of the first things a client will notice.

Invest in Quality Esthetician Supplies

The products you use when performing esthetician services say a lot about your brand as a whole. If you use high-quality skin care products, customers will associate your services with luxury.

The same can be said for disposable products like Cotton Balls, Large - 100 Count or Large Cotton Ovals, 3" - 50 Count. Just because they're disposable doesn’t mean you should order the cheapest option available. Choose disposable products that are soft on the skin and don’t disintegrate when used. Your customers will notice small details like this. The same is true for other consumable products like disinfectants, gloves, and paper towels.

A great esthetician room takes thoughtfulness and planning. We hope these modern esthetician room ideas can help you during your design process. Colors, furniture, ambiance, and supplies all combine to provide a relaxing environment for your clients.

Once you have your esthetician room design squared away, check out our esthetician supplies list to make sure you have everything you need.

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