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Spa Checklist: 13 Essential Esthetician Supplies You May Forget

Spa Checklist: 13 Essential Esthetician Supplies You May Forget

If you’re in the process of opening a spa, nail salon, massage business or wellness space, we understand you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. From spa signage and esthetician licensing to cultivating a spa aesthetic and purchasing massage tables, facial beds, mani/pedi furnishings and skin care equipment, you have a lot on your plate to accomplish before the grand opening and understandably a few details and items may fall through the cracks. Don’t worry, Minerva Beauty is here to help. We’ve compiled a checklist of 13 spa and esthetician supplies that are essential, but often overlooked, in the process of opening a spa, nail salon, massage business, or wellness space. Set your business up for success and make sure you have these spa supply essentials before you checkout!

1. Spa Trolleys, Facial Carts, & Trays

Carts and trolleys are vital to enhancing the day-to-day efficiency and functionality in a spa and nail salon setting, however, this item is often forgotten in the initial spa equipment purchase. Ensure your estheticians, massage therapists, nail techs, and all beauty pros alike have the organization, flexibility, storage, and mobility they need to help your business succeed by purchasing functional spa trolleys, facial carts, and service trays before opening day.

Get an overview of our selection with our spa cart buying guide to choose the best trolley for your treatment rooms.

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2. MAG Lamps & Other Spa Lighting

A variety of spa services, from facials and skin care treatments to manicures and pedicures, require bright, accurate, and reliable lighting that allows nail techs and estheticians to carry out their precise, detailed work effectively and efficiently. While magnifying lamps and other spa lighting is not typically a forgotten item when opening a spa business, it is difficult to find equipment that provides the high-quality functionality and durability spa professionals can depend on. From premium mag lamps with Daylight LEDS to energy-efficient, color correct table and floor lamps, Minerva is your one-stop shop for professional-grade spa lighting that provides nail techs and estheticians with the quality of light they need to see every tone, shade, and detail during a spa treatment.

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3. Facial Steamers

A reliable, high-quality facial steamer is the glue that ties a luxurious facial and skin care treatment together. Ensure your spa business is equipped with the proper treatment tools needed to take a client’s spa experience from good to great with professional-grade facial steamers. With premium features including special no drip spray nozzles, integrated systems for essential oils, and 3 different levels of steam, Minerva’s collection contains facial steamers from notable, trustworthy spa equipment brands, including Equipro, that have all the bells and whistles needed to take a client’s skin care treatment to the next level.

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4. Massage Bolsters & Pillows

When it comes to spa treatments, especially massage services, client comfort and relaxation is the MOST important component. Understandably, those in the process of opening a spa business focus solely on finding the perfect massage table, they forget to purchase the massage table accessories that take client comfort to the next level - massage bolsters and pillows. From head to toe, cushion your clients with the ultimate comfort and support they need during a massage service with Minerva’s variety of bolsters and pillows.

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5. Nail Salon & Spa Towels

From providing relaxing hot towel treatments throughout manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages to cleaning and sanitizing massage tables and spa equipment after a client’s appointment, towels are essential to every service offered at spa and nail salon businesses. It is important to ensure the towels at your spa are as luxurious and high-quality as the services you provide, which is why stocking up on Partex Bleach Guard Royale Salon Towels is the way to go. This upscale, bleach-resistant salon towel is tested, approved, and universally trusted by estheticians, nail technicians, and spa professionals across the globe.

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6. Hot Towel Cabinet

When opening a spa, nail salon, massage business or wellness space, finding unique ways to stand out from the rest of the competition, such as providing additional services that elevate the client experience, is key to setting your beauty business up for success. Adding a luxurious hot towel treatment to your list of salon and spa services or just simply offering clients a hot towel while they wait for their appointment is an easy and affordable way to attract and retain loyal customers. Make sure to browse and shop our collection of hot towel cabinets and UV sanitizers so your business is known as a spa of luxury from day one.

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7. Waxing Equipment & Supplies

Whether you’re opening a waxing salon or even a nail salon or other spa business, offering waxing services and treatments from the start is an easy and affordable way to expand your list of luxurious spa services, generate profit for your business, and become everyone's go-to spot for all of their health, beauty, and wellness needs. Stock up on professional waxing equipment and supplies before you open your spa doors to attract and retain loyal customers with your expansive list of spa services that cover all the bases!

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8. Technician Stools & Chairs

When nail techs, estheticians and spa professionals become exhausted from standing all day, don’t wait until they’re on the cusp of burnout risking their efficiency and performance. Be proactive from the start by providing your nail salon and spa staff with comfortable technician stools for the option to take a seat during the hustle and bustle of everyday salon and spa life. From mobile pedicure stools with comfortable contoured backrests to saddle styled esthetician and tech chairs, Minerva’s wide selection of technician stools and chairs provides seating options to suit the needs of every spa professional.

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9. Massage Stones & Heaters

Hot stone massages, upgraded manicure and pedicure treatments, and a variety of other spa services wouldn't be possible if this important item combo slipped your mind before your spa’s opening day, so here’s your friendly reminder to add massage stones and heaters to your cart before checkout! Giving your customers the option to add heated massage stones to their spa treatment takes their experience to a whole new level of luxury and relaxation as well as an extremely cost-effective way for you and your spa business to generate long term profit and success. Win, win!

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10. Treatment Table Linens

Another important, although forgotten, spa supply essential that serves to maximize client comfort are linens for your treatment and massage tables. Pamper your customer with Minerva’s luxuriously soft three piece flannel linen set that comes equipped with a fitted bottom linen, top linen, and face cradle cover.

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11. Makeup & Vanity Tabletop Mirrors

Putting the finishing touches on your nail salon/spa services list before you open doors for business? Make sure you have the item that reflects your luxurious work to your clients! Whether you’re a makeup artist needing a lighted mirror to showcase your glamorous makeup transformations or an esthetician wanting to show your client their glowing skin post facial, Minerva’s LED lighted tabletop vanity mirrors are a must-have essential for every spa and beauty professional. Illuminate your work with an item that reflects the quality and luxury services you provide.

12. Spa Cleaners & Sanitizers

While you’re purchasing spa equipment and getting everything ready for your spa’s grand opening, thinking about the dirt, dust, and debris that will accumulate is understandably an afterthought. Ensure your furnishings, esthetician tools, surfaces, and spa business as a whole stays clean and pristine by stocking up on spa cleaners and sanitizers. From UV sanitizers and sterilizers to BARBICIDE® disinfectants, the ultimate product for EPA registered disinfection in salons, barbershops and spas, Minerva Beauty is stocked with the spa cleaning essentials your business needs to succeed.

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13. Nail Technician and Spa Apparel

Don’t forget to dress your nail techs and spa clients in the best! From lightweight nail technician vests with glitzy rhinestone zippers to comfortable terry cloth spa wraps and neck strips, Minerva’s wide selection of spa apparel is equipped with everything you need before opening for business. Shop functional, durable, and professional-grade spa apparel that makes a statement.

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Although some of these spa and esthetician supplies seem like a no-brainer to have in stock before your grand opening day, you’d be surprised at how often they are overlooked! Hopefully you were able to check off each item, and if not, here is your reminder to add these essential spa supplies to your cart before checkout. Once you’ve stocked up on these 13 items, you are prepared and ready to open a successful spa business.

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