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Zodiac Salon Interior Design: Pisces Season

Zodiac Salon Interior Design: Pisces Season

Today, we leave behind the eccentric age of Aquarius, and welcome the mystical, creative, and compassionate season of Pisces. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet that represents the universal ocean of oneness with all beings and governs all things involving the spiritual dimension, like psychic powers, intuition, and dreams. This ethereal water sign is the last constellation of the zodiac and has connected and absorbed every lesson learned by all the other signs, making them the most empathetic sign in astrology. Guided by compassion and wanderlust, Pisces effortlessly adapt to their surroundings and embrace a life filled with romance, music, imagination, and all things mystical and magical – which can be seen in both their personal style and interior design.

An ideal salon space for a Pisces features an open, free-flowing floorplan design styled with cozy décor, soothing colors, and eclectic items that inspire elegance, romance, and serenity. Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces embrace reflection so mirrors, glass tiled backsplashes, metallic touches, large windows, metal figurines, and other reflective décor can be found in a Pisces styled salon. As a water sign, Pisces gravitate towards the calming color palettes inspired by the sea with splashes of oceanic blue tones throughout the interior of their salon. To further embrace the calm and cozy style, Pisces opt for trendy curves in a salon setting, such as arches throughout the space and round furnishings with soft edges. Minerva’s Cinque Salon Styling Chair and Corsa Salon Styling Chair are perfect examples of round salon seating designs that would be found in a salon designed for a Pisces.

In order to get into the mindset of designing a Pisces styled salon, one must be in touch with their inner daydreamer and cultivate a space that inspires creativity while balanced with elegant serenity. Interested in seeing a Pisces salon oasis? Check out a few salons we’ve found with the interior design that perfectly captures the mystical, creative, and compassionate vibe of a Pisces.

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