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Zodiac Salon Interior Design: Taurus Season

Zodiac Salon Interior Design: Taurus Season

Today, we leave behind the bold and fiery season of Aries and enter the down-to-earth, tenacious, reliable, and hard-working season of Taurus. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and money, this sign revels in the beautiful pleasures of life, and enjoys a lifestyle of comfort and luxury achieved through their steadfast determination and hard-working, sometimes hardheaded, nature. Taurus crave the secure comfort of a warm, relaxing home environment that serves to pamper and nourish themselves and their loved ones – making the interior design of a space a high priority for this sign.

An ideal salon space for a Taurus features an organized and practical floorplan designed with high-quality décor elements that exude beauty, nature, warmth and serenity. A Taurus salon should be soft, beautiful, and a place of solitude, so embracing comfortable salon furnishings with curved edges and rounded features paired with a balanced color palette of earth tones and neutrals is key. Plants in clay pots, Himalayan salt lamps, romantic artwork, natural shades of browns and greens, and warm wooded salon flooring soften with a plush, neutral, and boho/floral patterned rug are all interior design elements you can find in a Taurus styled salon environment. Avoid décor that is loud, weird, abstract, dark or disturbing, and stick with the natural, beautiful elements found in nature for this Earth sign. To a Taurus, clutter is disruptive and chaotic, so lean into clean, sleek, and functional carts and trolleys to maintain organization in your salon.

Comfortable, simple luxury should be the theme when designing a Taurus inspired salon space, embodying the style, organization, and natural beauty of a nicely manicured garden. Interested in seeing a Taurus salon oasis? Check out a few salons we’ve found with the interior design that perfectly captures the vibe of Taurus.

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