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Trending Color For Salon Interiors: Forest Green

Trending Color For Salon Interiors: Forest Green

Trending Color For Salon Interiors: Forest Green

Refresh, Revive, and Renew with Forest Green Salon Chairs

Ding ding! There is that notification again. Check your messages. It often feels like there are not enough hours in the day to take care of everything. When people pause to go to the salon for their hair appointment, they need a space to get away, and trust their stylist to get beautified. They want to come out like new again. What color is rejuvenation? What color satisfies the craving for freshness and vitality? Minerva has curated that color for you in the form of Forest Green. Feast your eyes on the possibilities, and see how to incorporate this refreshing green hue into your salon’s interior design.

forest green salon chair mood board

The Forest Green salon chair color option is available for a variety of Italian-made salon chairs in Minerva’s Bella Vita Collection, including the Lydia, Emma, Sophia, and Tosca Salon Styling Chairs. Many salon interiors have a wood element somewhere in their salon’s decor, whether it be hardwood floors, styling stations with wood finishes, a decorative rattan light fixture…etc. And elements of wood in a salon setting paired with these forest green styling chairs creates a natural and refreshing salon aesthetic.

Natural oak compliments the green in a fresh way. We are biophilic creatures, meaning we crave the Earth. Dirt, plants, woods all represent the Earth in a way that comforts us which is why natural colors and the outdoor aesthetic is such a popular salon interior design trend. The forest green chair color option falls under the category of Nature Led Hues which is key in hair salon environments as spa and wellness centers. Below are some examples of salons with the sought after nature aesthetic that would make a perfect setting for the new Forest Green salon chair color option.

boho salon with plants 
bold salon backwash units 
nature salon aesthetic with plants 

Another way to approach the lush green color is to take the approach of soothing color against energizing color. Juxtaposing a pastel pink, which is beautiful and calming against the energy inducing fresh green color, creates a dynamic color way for salon interiors. In addition, the pastel color ways are prevalent in cottage core style which has been a trending aesthetic in salon interior design. This sets the stage for an intriguing interior when pops of forest green are introduced.

green and pink bird picture 
green and pink mood board 
blush pink glamour space 

Embracing the lighter woods, such as natural oak or wicker, in your space as the canvas to paint green on is one way to approach this refreshing green chair color option. Creating drama with contrast by juxtaposing the greens to the serene pastels that may already be in your newly cottage core inspired salon interior is another very viable approach to embracing this rejuvenating option.

Keep looking to Minerva to turn up the appeal of your salon with enticing new salon chair colors including Sunflower Yellow and Dusty Rose.

yellow pink green salon chair color swatch

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