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Trending Color For Salon Interiors: Dusty Rose

blush pink salon decor ideas and pink salon chairs

Think PINK With Your Salon's Furnishings & Interior Design


Elsa Schiaparelli, the 1930’s unconventional fashion designer and Coco Chanel rival, has made a full comeback. Her signature magenta pink is being propelled into the limelight once again because of the Barbie phenomenon. The origins of this color screams bold femininity in the early 19th century, when the surrounding fashion was the practical grays, khakis, black and white. It is the bold injunction that gives birth to all ranges of pink from mauve through corals.  Historically, pinks evoke emotion and controversy. In India, China and 18th century Europe this hue was earned with social status.  

With this hue on the rise, pink and blush pink salon decor ideas have been trending in the world of salon interior design. To elegantly incorporate ideas of chic pink into your salon, Minerva has added dusty rose as an upholstery color option for several of their Italian-made salon chairs featured in their Bella Vita Collection including the Emma, Tosca, and Lydia Salon Styling Chairs. The dusty rose offering in these modern, trendy, and attractive salon chair designs invite a new wave of bold as well as timeless salon interiors. 

dusty rose salon chair mood board

Dusty rose has blue in it which gives a sense of tranquility while still embracing the happiness and love channeled with pink. In the mood board above examples of interiors with these color schemes are noted as bold and jeweled. The interior sitting area with the shell chairs in ruby and pink is striking and inviting at the same time. The gray and green sofa rooms are accented with pink pillows and accessories. The bold nature pink print upholstery makes for an eye-catching statement any seating element, pillows, or drapery.

When introducing blush pink or dusty rose into a salon’s interior design, adding in colors that complement this hue like grays, dark greens, and deep ruby tones further elevates the style and harmony of the space. The image below is a great example of a color palette that displays this symphony of colors and hues. Such palettes add complexity and layers to a salon space without being gregarious. The effect all together is one of elegance and timeless beauty.

blush pink salon decor color palette

In order to incorporate this color of beauty into a salon interior, decide on the percentage of pink to be incorporated. The 60, 30, 10 rule is always a nice guiding principle to refine the way to use color. If used in furnishings such as the new salon chairs offered, the palette is leaning into a 30% colorway which would complement the dominant color and create a canvas for the 10% accent color that may be used. Dusty rose also qualifies as a pale color that works well in the trending cottage core salon interior design style where natural finishes are celebrated along with airy pastel colors. French Provincial style where there are rustic wood accents, gold elements, and cabriole legs that turn like an animal foot on furnishings, set an elegant stage for accents of this new pink.

white antique vanity salon station and beige salon chair Showcased above is a styling station in Minerva’s French Provincial Collection designed with the vintage look and style of an elegant antique vanity accompanied with the Cinque salon styling chair in cashmere. A vase with pink flowers or salon supplies and products that celebrate pink would accent this station gorgeously.
pink salon chair Alternatively, one could replace the beige-colored salon chair with the Tosca Styling Chair in Dusty Rose to effortlessly incorporate blush pink into your salon’s décor and achieve the trending cottage core interior design aesthetic.
pink wall arch in dining room In this dining setup, the intimate booths are encased in a beautiful archway that is accented in pink setting a warm stage for a private meal.
pink wall arch with hair color processors and beige salon chairs Similarly, this salon has created a hair color processing zone with a lighted pink arched recess wall.

If furniture and architectural moves might be a steep ladder to climb to nab the “it” color, then a simple DIY move with paint can achieve that out of the box thought.

pink wall arch behind salon mirror with brown salon chairs This salon highlighted a styling station mirror with the blush pink salon décor idea of a painted wall arch. Adding any of the salon chair designs available in the Dusty Rose color option to this space would be the perfect pink cherry on top of this gorgeous salon aesthetic.
arched lighted salon retail shelves with pink accent color and black backwash units This salon added a pink touch to the illuminated retail shelving, which elevates their display of salon supplies, towels, and retail products. Incorporating a blush pink salon chair into this chic setting would be flawless.

Adding elements of pink, like the dusty rose salon chairs available at Minerva, will elevate your salon’s décor and aesthetic and capture all that pink can represent; romance, beauty, femininity, individualism, happiness and more.

Keep looking to Minerva to turn up the appeal of your salon with enticing new salon chair colors including Sunflower Yellow and Forest Green.

green pink and yellow salon chair colors

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